Honoring Women's History Month with Brook37

March is Women's History Month, a time to celebrate the contributions of women throughout history and in contemporary society. At Brook37, we are proud to honor this month by highlighting the significant role that women have played in the tea industry. As a company led by a female entrepreneur, we understand firsthand the importance of recognizing and empowering women in business.

The tea industry has a rich history dating back centuries, and women have been integral to its growth and success. From pioneering new blends to leading sustainable sourcing efforts, women continue to make their mark in the world of tea. In this blog post, we will explore some of the ways in which women have contributed to the tea industry and celebrate their impact on our company and beyond.

Women Pioneers in Tea Industry

One of the most notable pioneers was Anna Russell, Duchess of Bedford, who is credited with popularizing afternoon tea in England during the 19th century. Her love for tea and desire for a midday snack led to the creation of this beloved tradition that is still enjoyed today. Many women blenders have created unique and delicious blends that tea lovers around the world enjoy.

Another significant contribution made by women has been in the area of blending and flavor development. Michiyo Tsujimura was one such pioneer, who became Japan's first female tea master in 1951. She broke down gender barriers and paved the way for other women to enter this traditionally male-dominated field.

In recent years, more and more women have been making their mark on the tea industry as entrepreneurs, blenders, and growers. Their innovative ideas and dedication to quality are helping to shape the future of this timeless beverage. There have also been significant contributions in sustainable sourcing efforts. Women tea entrepreneurs have led initiatives to promote fair trade practices, reduce carbon emissions, and protect biodiversity. 

The Role of Women in Tea Production

Women play a crucial role in tea production, from planting and harvesting to processing and packaging. In many tea-growing regions, women make up the majority of the workforce.

Despite their significant role, women often face challenges such as limited access to education and training opportunities, unequal pay, and lack of representation in leadership positions. However, there are initiatives underway to address these issues and empower women in the industry.

For example, some companies are partnering with organizations that provide education and training programs specifically for women. Others are implementing gender-sensitive policies that promote equal pay and opportunities for advancement.

At Brook37, we recognize the importance of supporting women throughout the entire supply chain and actively seek opportunities to work with women and champion fair labor practices across our sourcing network.

By empowering women in tea production, we can create a more equitable industry that benefits everyone involved.

Empowering Women: Women-Owned Tea Businesses

In recent years, there has been a surge in women-owned businesses in the tea industry. These female entrepreneurs are bringing fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to the market.

One example is Joanne Guszkowski, founder of Happy Earth Tea. Her company sources organic and fair trade teas directly from small-scale growers around the world and prioritizes sustainability throughout its operations.

Babette Donaldson, a certified tea specialist and author of The Everything Healthy Tea Book, blends her own teas for her tea consulting business.

At Brook37, we are proud to be part of this movement towards greater gender equality in business. Our team is led by our female founder, Mou Dasgupta, who believes that empowering women leads to better outcomes for everyone involved.

By supporting women-owned tea businesses, we can help create a more diverse and inclusive industry that benefits both consumers and producers alike.

Sustainability and Ethical Sourcing in the Tea Industry

Women entrepreneurs have also made an impact on the industry by creating innovative businesses that prioritize quality and sustainability. These female-led companies are changing the way people think about tea and inspiring others to follow their lead. As consumers become more conscious of their impact on the environment, sustainability and ethical sourcing have become increasingly important issues in the tea industry.

​​Selena Ahmed, a professor of Sustainable Food Systems at Montana State University, studies the cultural and ecological aspects of tea production in China and Taiwan.

Many companies are taking steps to reduce their carbon footprint by implementing sustainable packaging practices and reducing waste. Others are prioritizing fair trade practices that ensure growers receive a fair price for their products.

At Brook37, Mou Dasgupta believes that sustainability is not just a buzzword but an essential part of her business model. They source their teas directly from exclusive tea bushes in the world's finest gardens using sustainable methods whenever possible. Her commitment to social and environmental responsibility extends beyond sourcing as she donates 2% of the company’s revenue towards sustainability initiatives.

By supporting companies that prioritize sustainability and ethical sourcing, consumers can make a positive impact on both people and the planet while enjoying delicious tea.

Brook37 Celebrates Women Pioneers

Image: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Tsujimura_Michiyo.JPG

At Brook37, we are proud to honor the contributions of women pioneers in the tea industry. From Anna Russell, Duchess of Bedford, who popularized afternoon tea in England to Michiyo Tsujimura, Japan's first female tea master, women have played a crucial role in shaping this beloved beverage.

Today, women continue to make their mark on the industry as entrepreneurs, blenders and growers. Their innovative ideas and dedication to quality are helping to shape the future of tea.

As an all-women production team led by a female entrepreneur at Brook37, we understand firsthand the importance of recognizing and empowering women in business. We source our teas directly from exclusive tea bushes using sustainable methods whenever possible while prioritizing fair labor practices across our sourcing network.

Gabrielle Jammal, popularly known as The Tea Lady, is Brook37's tea sommelier. She comes from a long line of tea drinkers, where growing up, an afternoon would feel incomplete without a cup of tea. Her passion for tea has helped countless others elevate their moments of connection to something truly memorable. She brings her expertise and love for tea to the Brook37 family.

By celebrating women's contributions to the tea industry and supporting female-led businesses like ours at Brook37 that prioritize sustainability and ethical sourcing practices, we can help create a more equitable world for everyone involved. 

Brook37 brings the best teas the planet has to offer to its consumers. And has the best in the industry work at Brook37, who also happen to be women.

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