Chocolate Hangover

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Caffeine: LOW


Embark on your day with our signature Chocolate Spice tea, a captivating blend crafted to sharpen your focus and invigorate your mind. Whether you're recovering from a hangover or a late-night, this brew is designed to offer comfort and revitalization. Enriched with special herbal ingredients, this blend is known for its potential to provide support in times of fatigue and grogginess, making it the perfect companion for a refreshed and energized start to your day.

This Low-Caffeine tea is thoughtfully curated to provide support in

  • Managing stress and anxiety
  • Alleviating feelings of fatigue
  • Enhancing brain function
  • Promoting mood upliftment.
With a focus on these areas, our product strives to contribute to a more balanced and positive sense of well-being.

Try this and 3 other varieties in the Amore Collection or Ambrosia Collection

Teas include

A combination of chocolate, ginger and herbs gives it the perfect balance of a sweet and spicy flavor. The refreshing burst of flavor will wake up your taste buds.

Daily use may help refresh and clear your mind

Brew Method

  1. Take your Teabag

  2. Pour 160 ml 194°F filtered water

  3. Brew tea 3-5 mins

  4. Sit back, relax and enjoy

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Amelia Walsh
Definitely recommended!

We all were beyond excited about this tea in our house. Today we brewed up a pot of the chocolate hangover. It was amazing, nice and roast and not sweet at all which I appreciated. It was very well, balanced! Definitely recommend!

Winona Caesar
Fabulous tea

It's good. The ginger is forward but you do taste some of the other ingredients too. It's subtle---not overwhelming.

Debbie Reynolds
The Chocolate tea!

I received Chocolate Hangover in the sampler box from Brook37 Tea Atelier. I was hesitant about trying it before now because in the past I just haven’t cared for the taste of a chocolate tea. It’s a beautiful combination of cinnamon and chocolate not overpowering! Plus it has the added benefits of having Ashwagandha and Bacopa which promote stress reduction and brain health. I’m throughly loving this tea!

Made for chocolate lovers!

I never knew chocolate could be this healthy. Really amazed! Also makes me feel laser focused

I'm attached to this tea

My husband knows I'm unbearable if I'm tired, so he tried every solution there possibly could be. He was pretty much in a corner until he found this tea. I gave it a try and it worked like a charm! Absolutely love it!

Sourcing Story

The Wellness Series of teas are a specially curated collection that is designed to help you connect with your health and wellbeing goals. This special collection teas have ingredients that are known to help you detox, sleep, build immunity and boost mental activity. The collection is made from specially sourced 100% natural herbs, spices, real flowers, and real fruit pieces that have known health and wellness benefits. Unlike many other teas in the market, we do not use liquid or artificial flavors. We use real bits of flowers and fruit pieces to give the Wellness Series a truly 100% Natural flavor. The Wellness Series is the perfect gift for yourself, and your friends and family to boost overall mental and physical wellbeing.

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