Pink Rose Strawberry

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Caffeine: NO


Feel the love in every sip! Inspired by the vibrant colors of spring flowers and the abundance of love, Brook37's Rose, Strawberry & Elderflower Infusions Tea is a delightful blend of floral and fruity notes. The naturally sweet taste and enchanting aroma create a perfect harmony, inviting you to share memorable moments with your loved ones. Let the essence of this tea fill the air and make every sip a celebration of love and togetherness.

Addressing key aspects of well-being, this No-Caffeine blend is designed to provide a holistic approach to overall wellness and vitality with a focus on these vital areas.

  • Aims to alleviate inflammation,
  • Contributes to maintaining healthy cholesterol levels
  • Aids in weight management
  • Promotes liver health. 

Try this and 3 other varieties in the Amore Collection

Teas include

This tea is a riot of flavors... they are dreamy, delicate and delicious. You will enjoy the aroma of a pink rose, elderberry and a sweet note of strawberry.

Best enjoyed freshly brewed and poured over ice. This dark pink drink is naturally a little sweet.
You are welcome to add sugar or honey if you desire.

Brew Method

  1. Take your Teabag

  2. Pour 160 ml 194°F filtered water

  3. Brew tea 3-5 mins

  4. Sit back, relax and enjoy

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Greyson Stoehr
A Beautiful Garden for the Summer

I like Pink Rose Strawberry in the Spring, but I think it comes into its own in the Summer--the juicy strawberry enhances the rose and makes it bloom in simply the most lovely way. The first time I drank this, it reminded me of my Mother with the fully-blown roses in the flavour. I highly recommend it!

cindy Davis Melhourn
Ice Tea in Heaven!

I have found iced tea heaven! I empty 3 sachets into my cold brew infuser, add a smidgen of green tea, and it's delightful and refreshing. I'm tempted to order more! 💕

Kimberly Follett
My new favourite herbal tea!

Upon opening the box, a heavenly scent wafted into the air. The tea sachets contained beautiful rose petals and other ingredients. After brewing, the liquid was a lovely. soft pink and I continued to smell the strawberry and rose petals. Upon drinking, I could taste rose mingling with strawberry, hibiscus, rosehip.
A delicious blend and I know the fact that Brooks37 uses plastic-free, sustainable tea sachets is part of that lovely flavour. Plastic adds a negative taste to tea. With Brook37, I know I am not putting more microplastics into my body or the environment. I have to drink beverages in the afternoon and evening, so this
tea will be in my cup daily. It's my new favourite herbal tea. I've been so pleased with all the varieties of tea from Brooks37 that I have purchased.

Vera Pascal
Delicious and refreshing

Absolutely love this tea. So unique and complex. I love this tea hot but also as an ice tea

D's Photos
My Easter Tea

It is so perfect for spring. I'm going to try it cold later. It has a floral Hibiscus taste to it, & I'm not a a floral tea drinker but this tea a delicious and theres no caffeine.

Sourcing Story

A collection of rare and exclusive blends that inspire your senses. This series has a range of rare teas and tea blends from Darjeeling. These are produced in extremely small batches available only in a limited window in the year. Most of the teas in the Elite’ Series is sourced from Tarzum, Okayti, and Pussimbing Tea Gardens, and Margaret's Hope. Tarzum Tea estate is spread over symmetric gentle slopes facing the mesmerising Mirik Valley, this tea garden is one of the most beautiful tea estates in Darjeeling. It is located in the Rung Bong valley, famous for growing rare and exotic tea. The climate here is cool and misty and that adds a special aroma to the tea leaves. The estate has Fair Trade certification, ISO 1901:2008 & HACCP awarded by TUV NORD, Organic certificates for NOP, and JAS by IMO. Pussimbing is located about 6 kilometres (3.7 mi) from the Ghum railway station in Darjeeling, this USDA Organic and IMO certified tea garden is located at an average altitude of 5000 feet on the slopes of Tiger Hill. The plantation is bio-organic with 100% China bushes. The plantation is over 100 years old and today it is a source of the finest organic tea in Darjeeling. Okayti is located in Mirik Valley, this 150 year old Tea Estate is blessed with beautiful slopes, subtropical climate and the right kind of soil. It has been producing tea of excellent quality since its inception and it still stands as a proud producer of the world’s finest teas. Set in the scenic landscape of the Himalayan foothills, the lush garden is spread out over wavy terrain at altitudes of 1,300 to 2,000 metres. This magical tea yields a delicate, light golden infusion. The environment and location of the estate play a significant role in the flavors and aroma of the tea. Margaret’s Hope is located in the Kurseong Valley in Darjeeling, this USDA Organic, RA and ETP certified tea garden is at 5500 feet altitude. Its tea plants are a wonderful combination of China bushes and a few selected segments planted with top quality clones.

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