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Caffeine: LOW


Savor the gentle allure of our mellow green tea, offering a nuanced interplay of citrus and spice on your palate. The invigorating aroma awakens the senses, creating a harmonious tea-drinking experience. Infused with real ginger, enhanced with lemon myrtle, and enriched with sage and tulsi, this blend brings together a symphony of flavors and herbal notes. Each sip unfolds a tapestry of taste, making it a delightful and refreshing choice for tea enthusiasts.

This low caffeine Immunity blend is carefully curated to support multiple facets of well-being. It aims to:

  • Boost immunity
  • Alleviate nausea
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Promote skin health
  • Encourage hair growth
  • Enhance oral health
  • Aid digestion
  • Contribute to maintaining healthy cholesterol levels

With a comprehensive approach, our product is designed to address various aspects of your health, providing a holistic and balanced support system for overall well-being.

Try this and 3 other varieties in the Ambrosia Collection

Teas include

A ginger spice flavor that will warm your senses

Daily use may help boost your immunity

Brew Method

  1. Take your Teabag

  2. Pour 160 ml 194°F filtered water

  3. Brew tea 3-5 mins

  4. Sit back, relax and enjoy

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Angie Middleton
A perfect warming cup

I always have enjoyed a good lemon ginger tea, especially with its citrus notes and bite of ginger. However, most blends I have tried in the past were strictly herbal. But with Brook37’s lemon ginger blend you have the addition of green tea which is a powerhouse when it comes to containing antioxidants.

From the tea caddy, the delectable warming aroma of ginger intermingles with the fresh uplifting smell of citrus. It is earthy and sweet. That mixed with hints of peppery tulsi makes for a truly enticing cup.

The first sips of a well balanced cup with the citrus taste being the most apparent with the ginger and hint of tulsi finishing it off. I have run into many before that do not like the taste of tulsi, but in this case it is not overly noticeable. Also not apparent are the additions of the sage and licorice root other than adding a light earthy finish to the cup.

Brook37 has created a fantastic blend in which they complement each other for a wonderful smooth tea that almost makes one forget this tea is actually good for you.

Erin Benz
All of these teas are delightful and worth trying!

What can I say? This tea is incredible. The ginger is potent, but not too overpowering. I find myself reaching for it in the afternoon, particularly on hectic days because it is so warm and inviting. I imagine this would be helpful for an upset tummy as well, because the ginger is just so soothing.

Michaelene Haynie
Wonderful Tea

It's a wonderful tea!! I love it.

Debbie Reynolds
The tea that taste felt like warm hug

I have had Lemon Ginger from Brook37 Tea Atelier in my stash for a few months now. Today I decided to give it a try. My allergies are doing a number on me today so the warm spicy ginger/ lemon taste felt like a warm hug ??. I dont know why I waited some long. Yum

Amy Richardson

The postal service finally delivered my Brooks37. Ive been looking forward to it. Trying the lemon ginger as I have not been feeling well. Eenjoying it!

Sourcing Story

The Wellness Series of teas are a specially curated collection that is designed to help you connect with your health and wellbeing goals. This special collection teas have ingredients that are known to help you detox, sleep, build immunity and boost mental activity. The collection is made from specially sourced 100% natural herbs, spices, real flowers, and real fruit pieces that have known health and wellness benefits. Unlike many other teas in the market, we do not use liquid or artificial flavors. We use real bits of flowers and fruit pieces to give the Wellness Series a truly 100% Natural flavor. The Wellness Series is the perfect gift for yourself, and your friends and family to boost overall mental and physical wellbeing.

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