Assorted Tea Sampler Box

8 Biodegradable Pyramid Tea Bags | 100% Natural Ingredients & Flavors

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Presenting Brook37's assortment of all naturally flavored teas in one box. This sample box contains samples of all our flavored teas for you to taste test. Each tea bag comes in a 100% recyclable envelope. Experience the sweet and floral Rose, Strawberry Elderflower Infusions, the modern twist of Lavender Earl Grey, and the sharp focus of Chocolate Spice. Boost immunity with Mellow Citrus Green Tea, savor the Spicy Berry Detox, find tranquility with Flowery Mint Tea, and enjoy the fusion of Lemongrass Chai. Share these delightful blends with loved ones and create cherished moments together. 

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Teas include
Love is in the air! This amazing floral and fruity tea is inspired by spring flower colors and abundance of love. Brook37's Rose, Strawberry & Elderflower Infusions Tea combines a naturally sweet taste and floral aroma will make you want to sit next to your loved ones and make it a memorable moment.
This tea has riot of flavors, but they are dreamy, delicate and delicious. You will enjoy the aroma of a pink rose, elderberry and a sweet note of strawberry.
Best enjoyed freshly brewed and poured over ice. This dark pink drink is naturally a little sweet. You are welcome to add sugar or honey if you desire.
Love is incomplete without Chocolate. And we even make it spicy with our carefully crafted herb and spice blend to make it a perfect cup for you. Our signature blend is a great tea to boost your brain function and clear the mind.
The sweet taste of chocolate
A great tea to start the day with or enjoy in the evening instead of an alcoholic beverage. You can drink warm or with ice.
Our fusion version of this blend is created by our award winning tea blender. Lavender Earl Grey brings a modern twist to the traditional earl grey tea with a hint of lavender. A perfect tea to celebrate, whether you are alone or with friends.
It is a mildly flavored tea with a perfect balance of lavender notes, it pairs perfectly with a sweet or savoury flavours – from dark chocolate to spiced lamb.
This afternoon celebratory tea is ideal to enjoy alone or with your friends in the afternoon.
This is a mellow green tea with a citrus and spicy flavor profile. The aroma invigorates the senses. The green tea leaves have been blended with real ginger, lemon myrtle flavor, and two special herbs - sage and tulsi. The ingredients of this blend are known to help boost immunity.
A ginger spice flavor that will warm your senses
Daily use may help boost your immunity
Our no-caffeine Sweet Ceylon Spicy Berry tea is a wellness and detox tea that is fruity in flavor and has a refreshing after taste. The ingredients of this tea are known to help improve digestion, reduce inflammation, boost immunity
A delightful aroma of winter berries, exotic spices and sweet Ceylon cinnamon.
Daily use may help improve your gut health
This is a no-caffeine, sensorially complex, flowery mint tea. The blend has chamomile with lavender, rose, spearmint, valerian root, and passion flower. The ingredients of this tea are known to help reduce anxiety, relieve stress, and improve sleep quality.
Multi-layered floral notes with a fresh, perky mint flavor
Daily use may help improve your quality of sleep
Our signature Lemongrass Chai is a fusion between India's Chai tea and South East Asia's lemongrass. This punchy yet sweet flavored tea will keep you warm on a snowy winter morning as well as on a cold cozy evening with friends.
Color: Bright golden cup without milk. Taste & Flavor: Brisky and malty with the warmth of herbal spices and lemongrass. A ginger-based character with the combination of lemongrass gives it a unique sweet and spicy aftertaste.
If brewed hot, it is a great tea for cold weather. Can be used as an iced tea also on a hot summer day.
Flavorful and refreshing, this premium brew boasts an amazing flavor profile guaranteed to rejuvenate your senses Our blend starts with a base of a beautiful black tea, then comes in the sharpness of spearmint blended with refreshing watermelon flavors. Licorice root adds a hint of sweetness that infuses passion in every sip.
Refreshing watermelon flavor, with a hint of spearmint.
Best enjoyed freshly brewed and poured over ice. A perfect afternoon tea. Black tea and Spearmint are antioxidants. Licorice root is known to be anti-inflammatory

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Lindsey Buckley

When the hotel offers tea that isn't up to your standard what do you do? You simply pull out your own tea! This assortment of teas is perfect in that situation.

Debbie Reynolds

Getting my travel wallet ready for my trip. Excited to try some new to me Brook37 TeaAteliersamples

Lena Pietrusiewicz

Tried all of the brook37 tea atelier tea sampler this week!! My favorite of the bunch is the pink rose strawberry iced. Absolutely delightful and would definitely repurchase! It was a perfect balance of fruit to me and not overly floral. Really thirst quenching iced. The chocolate black tea was a 2nd favorite in the set. It had an earthy

Flecia Luton Ogert

Thank you Brook37 Tea Atelier for bringing in this beautiful sample of Brook37 teas to sip. The packaging is also stunning!

Flecia Luton Ogert
Loving it!

This Sweet Ceylon Spicy Berry from @brook37 tea Sampler was a perfect ending to my day. I love a good caffeine-free sip to help drift me off to sleep. This had a unique taste profile that blended nicely. It was fruity but with a bit of cinnamon to smooth out any tartness from the hibiscus. I might need to reorder this one

Brew Method

  1. Take your Teabag

  2. Pour 160 ml 194°F filtered water

  3. Brew tea 3-5 mins

  4. Sit back, relax and enjoy

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